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Unhitched trailers causing accidents and traffic problems. And they are soooooo pretty.
New Year 2009 Editorial
Remember when advertising was banned for doctors and medical, lawyer, and some other professions? Now we are bombarded with ads for new diseases, usually with three initials, ambulance chasers, and other subjects we would rather not hear about.

Today I saw a tanker truck with a movie ad on the back. Enough! Advertisers can't figure out why people don't pay attention to ads. The answer is that people are overwhelmed with this clutter.
A story about corporate sponsors of stadiums on the business news said, "The Rose Bowl is the only stadium without a name." Funny, I thought the Rose Bowl was named the Rose Bowl.

20-story buildings with giant billboards covering an entire side.
Street blimps harming the environment while adding to traffic.
TVs attached to gas pumps to force you to watch ads while filling up.
Taxi with hub caps that don't spin for added advertising space.
Automatic dialers that dial 10 numbers at once and hang up 9 of them when the first answers, leaving 9 people running for their phones for nothing.
Elevators with TVs with ads
X-ray bins at airport security with ads so you loose your keys in the confusion.
Digital billboards
Freeway condition signs displaying ads when conditions are good.
Web sites about places to visit that tell more about where to stay than what to see
bus stops
bus shelters
bus windows
personal items with ads and logos
license plate frames
videos you buy
ads before movies in the theater
ads on tickets
ads in programs
ads with bills
ads while on hold for businesses
junk mail
junk e-mail
junk fax
phone calls
door to door
banners hanging from lamp posts
banners hanging from aircraft
news papers
web sites
sponsors for everything from sporting events to high school car washes
unhitched trailers with billboards atop
What's next, "Your ad here" painted on someone's forehead?

I stopped at the gas station today. On top of the pump was a TV screen with advertising. What was it advertising, how well on-pump TV advertising is. If it's so successful, why are they advertising themselves and not their clients?

Jingles and catch phrases brainwash you into repeating the commercial long after the ad they paid to run has ended. Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, oops, there I go again.

You look up into a clear blue sky, and there is a airplane dragging a banner telling you to remember the boat show.

There are even commercials on what was once "commercial free" television, although more up scale than "ring around the collar."

Many years ago, the public was enthusiastic about a new law to reduce billboards. The law turned out to be a way to subsidize advertisers in removing old billboards, but then to build nice new bigger billboards. We ended up with more than we started with.

Street Blimps are trucks that drive around with billboards permanently attached to the flat bed trailers. They clog our roads, burn fossil fuels, pollute the air, and their only purpose is to force yet more advertising upon us.

Unhitched trailers in congested areas to grab your attention - and casue accidents.

I understand that we get commercial television and commercial radio free in exchange for being brainwashed into wanting the advertised product or service. Many web sites provide free information or services in exchange for pitching some product or service to us. I understand that newspapers and magazines cost us less because of ad revenue. In these cases, we get something in exchange for being exposed to advertising, but there are many places where I get nothing for having advertising foisted upon me. How do I benefit from an ad on the side of a bus or billboards cluttering the landscape? Solicitors intruding into our lives using the phones, faxes, e-mails, door bells, and mail boxes that we pay for. No wonder most of America is in debt.

They have brainwashed us into thinking we like ads. We talk about ads. We repeat ads. Are they paying us to rebroadcast these ads? We watch the Superbowl just for the commercials. Maybe there should be a cable channel to play non-stop ads - some people might even pay for this "service." The "We be Lemmings" channel.

Ads everywhere and the advertisers don't understand why we ignore it all. Advertiser think they just need to make more and we'll notice. How about trying less. I'd be more likely to notice a single small ad on a blank wall, than on a wall of hundreds of ads. A 5 second commercial is too short to fast forward, "The new Ice 55. The height of elegance. See it at your Arctic Motors dealer." We have just learned to ignore ads, so advertisers think that if they make more noise, we will pay attention again. No, we will just learn to ignore better.

I was working outside listening to the radio. Just as they were about to say something important, the radio was drowned by the drone of a low flying small prop airplane. I looked up to see the craft towing a banner. What did the banner say? "Your add here, (website)." Now how did this imposed advertising make my life better? Maybe I should call and get an ad for

It's time to boycott products and services who clutter our lives with this intrusive junk. It's time to pass legislation to really reduce the number and size of billboards. It's time to support "commercial free" television and radio, but tell them to get rid of the commercials.

This web site exists to foster discussions and hopefully find solutions to ad pollution.

In coming months, we hope to set up a forum in which we can discuss solutions to this ad clutter problem.

Unhitched trailers causing accidents. To solve this dangerous problem, the entire street was posted, "No parking anytime."

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